Blueberry Cake Granny’s Special


  • Cake Flavour: Blueberry
  • Type of Cake: Cream
  • Type of Bread: Vanilla
  • Type of Cream: Blueberry
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  • Cake Flavour: Blueberry
  • Type of Cake: Cream
  • Type of Sponge : Vanilla
  • Type of Cream: Blueberry
  • Filling in Layers: Blueberry
  • Toppings: Caramel, Chocolate cream, & Red cherries

Delivery Details:

  • The delicious cake is hand-delivered by our delivery boy in a good quality cardboard box.
  • Candle and knife will be delivered as per the availability.

Care Instructions:

  • Store cake in a refrigerator.
  • Consume the cake within 24 hours.

Every bite of this blueberry cake is lip-smacking and will leave your mouth smudged with the taste of different and cream flavors. The yummy blueberry sponge dipped in whipped cream are the true delight. This cake is a paradise for all children and blueberry cake lovers.

The Blueberry creak cake is best to have the taste affair with. Its delicious treat is enough to make you land onto the childhood lane of memory. This cake is perfect for the birthday cake of your kid, the new year treat, the baby shower cake, the house welcome treat and much more.

Ingredients Used:

Blueberry Filling, White Sponge, White Garnish, Cynnamon Syrup, Whipping Cream, New Gel

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1 Kg, 1.5 Kg, 2 Kg, 3 Kg, 4 Kg, 5 Kg, 500 gm

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